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Parther: Mithradates II.
Lykien: unbekannter Dynast
Rom: Hadrian
Lykien: Kherei
Römische Kaiserzeit: Caligula für Agrippa
Rom: Tiberius und Drusus
Parther: Artabanos IV.
Parther: Mithradates II.
Böotien: Theben
Seleukiden: Antiochos VII. Euergetes
Sizilien: Syrakus
Rom: Claudius und Agrippina (minor)
Sizilien: Syrakus
Rom: Lucius Verus und Lucilla
Römische Kaiserzeit: Augustus
Römische Kaiserzeit: Nero
Sasaniden: Kawad I.
Römische Republik: C. Mamilius Limetanus

API and Export Options

General Notes

In general, the APIs and export options are accessible upon appending &output=format to a given URL. Below, you can find a brief list of the available APIs and export options, aside from RSS feeds.

All APIs are by the way also accessible by using the context (CTRL+Right Click) or the keyboard menu (CTRL+e) on their corresponding HTML page.


Museum-Digital offers JSON APIs for most of the central pages. This page offers just a brief description - a more thorough one can be found in the handbook (German).

Further export options

Some pages come with additional export options.

Page Purpose Example Format / mime-type
Single institution vCard (e.g. for exporting a contact to Outlook) of an institution Example: contact of institution of ID 1 .vcf / text/vcard
Single institution Calendar of all Exhibitions of an institution Example: exhibitions of institution of ID 1 .ics / text/calendar
Single exhibition Calendar entry of an exhibition Example: exhibition of ID 1 .ics / text/calendar
Single object BibTeX export for referencing an object page Example: object of ID 1 .bib / application/x-bibtex
Single object BibTeX export for all literature entries of an object Example: linked literature of object of ID 1 .bib / application/x-bibtex